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Episode 64 – 17th December 2010 – LIVE WINTERVAL SHOW!

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Why Winterval? (1:53) by James O’Malley
Chapman Cohen (4:18) by Liz Lutgendorff
Legalise Drugs (12:23) by Clio Bellenis
Thought Field Therapy (19:58) by Kevin Friery
What’s The Point Of Wasps (30:05) by James Thomas
Quantum Santa (38:56) by Sean Ellis
Christmas Woo (46:17) by Jon Treadway
Brilliant Music (52:10) by James Taylor

DVD Extra-style Bonus Content

Liz’s Q&A:

Clio’s Q&A:

Kevin’s Q&A:

James Thomas’ Q&A:

Sean Ellis’ Q&A:

Jon’s Q&A:

Dave Hughes rounding up the year for Winchester Skeptics In The Pub:

Come and see our Winterval Special being recorded!

Hey everyone! Following the success of our previous live show recording, we’re going to record this year’s Pod Delusion Christmas Winterval Special in front of a live audience at Winchester Skeptics in the Pub. We need you to be that audience!


The same show you know and hopefully love – different interesting topics linked together by myself. It will possibly have a bit of a festive theme, what with it being a Christmas show. Or might not.


December 14th 2010 at 7pm (ish… make sure you’re there at 7. Not sure if we’ll kick off 7 or 7:30 yet).


The Roebuck Inn, 57 Stockbridge Road, Winchester, SO22 6RP, United Kingdom


We haven’t fully decided the line-up just yet, but it’ll be some of the Pod Delusion’s regular contributors, and maybe some other people too!


Stereotypical American Indians will be welcome at the event, as we don’t discriminate.

Tell us you’re coming so we don’t worry that no-one will turn up: