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Westminster Skeptics – Mark Henderson on ‘The Geek Manifesto’

Recorded on February 7th, Times Science Editor Mark Henderson and Westminster Skeptics President Evan Harris talk about Mark’s forthcoming book ‘The Geek Manifesto’, for which he was soliciting ideas.

Sorry the sound is a bit ropey – the recording wasn’t very good, so I’ve had to wrangle it into something audible, even if it is difficult at times.

You can hear a more succinct interview with Mark on the book on Episode 71 of the Pod Delusion.

Westminster Skeptics – Brooke Magnanti

Dr Brooke Magnanti, otherwise known as blogger Belle de Jour gave last night’s talk. Before becoming well-known for her blogging, Dr Brooke Magnanti worked in forensic macrobioinformaics research at the University of Sheffield. She is currently based in Bristol, specialising in developmental neurotoxicology and childhood cancer aetiology. Last night she spoke about the construction of identity.

The sound is a bit ropey for the first five minutes or so, but then dramatically improves.