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Thanks are not enough


There are no words to express how absolutely thrilled we are that everyone had such a great time last night.  When the idea of putting on the Pod Delusion’s birthday party all on our own (without the safety net that is London Skeptics in the Pub where we’ve had our previous two birthday shenanigans) we were rather nervous.  It all came together within about three months!  Three months to get speakers, get volunteers, sort out running a big event (which neither of us had done before) plan, write scripts and PANIC!  The day we picked also was in the middle of family being over from Canada for two weeks.

But it worked!  I’m making this assumption based on the wonderful tweets before, during and after the show and the amount of people we had in the Enterprise post-gig.

We totally couldn’t have done it alone.  Just like the podcast itself – this only works when lots of people get involved. I hope I won’t forget thanking everyone!

First – all our wonderful speakers!  It still amazes us every week the reports we get sent in by people who have been with the Pod Delusion from the beginning and brand new people alike.  At the end of the night I just sat there in awe – it was a true to form Pod Delusion line up.  Topics so varied and different that on paper would make you wonder how it would all come together – but for some reason, for us, it works.

So a hearty thank you to Drew Rae (who! may I add, did not give James a bag of bad luck charms but an awesome book on cycling!) for giving us a risk assessment of the apocalypse.   It made it such a great night to have people on that stage that have been an integral part of the Pod Delusion an who have been contributing for so long.

Martin Robbins, who led the rousing chorus of ‘Fuck you, Daily Mail’ which, I think, was almost therapeutic for everyone in the room.  He’s an amazing blogger and it’s lovely that despite how busy people are, they seem to always have a bit of time for the podcast.

Peter Buckley Hill! Who led the audience to sing a re-invented ‘Why do birds suddenly appear?’ We feel rather honoured to have the man who runs the free fringe descend upon our show.

Claire Benson! Who brought fire!  May have slightly worried some people at the fine Conway Hall (including a highly sceptical care taker) but other than a few non-lighting matches, it went off without a hitch.  For those of you who like risk assessments:

The second half kicked off with the Skeptic Magazine’s Deborah Hyde talking about the malign supernatural.  Deborah has been a long time friend to the Pod Delusion and I don’t think the skeptic scene would be the same without her.

Kate Russell (as James would say – from the telly!)  We were so chuffed that Kate agreed to come and talk at our show after being flyered outside TAM 2010.  Aside from being super lovely, she has informed us now of the menace of INFOGRAPHICS!  It always amazes us the diversity and sheer amount of  people who listen to our show.  We’re glad that James’ flyering actually works!

The night was magical enough but after seen Alom Shaha at Winchester Science Festival (which we really hope will return again next year) doing magic and science – James didn’t want Alom to talk about his brilliant book – but instead do us some magic.  Possibly getting the most laughs of the night with his lovely assistant, Martin Robbins, it made the party a real party.

We had a final, last minute addition to the line up with Helen Arney from SO MANY THINGS – fame.  Her own brilliant shows Voice of an Angle and Festival of the Spoken Nerd are both touring to A TOWN NEAR YOU! So if you like geeky comedy, you should support one of the hardest working comedians in the business as they say.


Man, none of this night would have been possible without all the lovely people who helped out at the gig.

Our excellent bar posse, Tessa Kendall, Carmen D’Cruz and Billy Abbott.  You guys had the busiest job of the night and we so appreciate you taking on the job.  Gosh.  You are just all so lovely, I don’t know what to say.  If you ever need someone to help you move house, I’m totally there.

Amy Crosthwaite and Blakeley Nixon who everyone would have met, checking your names at the door.  They didn’t have to do the mic wrangling in the end as we started running behind from the beginning (so no James’ Holiday Photo powerpoint).  They were brilliant as we weren’t even set up yet when people started coming to Conway Hall.

Jenny Bartle, former president of the AHS who was helping all the speakers out when arriving and generally being helpful and calm when James and I were getting increasingly manic.  Also, looking rather the part in her Pod Delusion t-shirt!  We’ve had many a conversation via Skype for AHS duties or at other humanist and secular events during her tenure as president.

We had an impromptu people-wranger in Mike Fielding – who helped guide people to the appropriate room as we were sharing Conway Hall with the Iraqi Association that night.  I think people going to either event were slightly confused at some point.  Mike is also one of the nicest people I know and so if you ever see him, you should totally give him a hug.  He’ll totally appreciate it.

And our Media Team (we had a media team?)

Dave Lee and Trent Burton who filmed the whole evening (so we’ll put it up at some point on YouTube) and Dave Hughes one of the people who bring you the excellent Winchester Skeptics.  All three of these guys are super busy, talented and wonderful and we’re just so chuffed that you wanted to help record our wee event!

Thanks to Sid RodgriguesJim Walsh and all the staff from Conway Hall who thought we could pull this off even before we thought we could.  Sid  helped us really bring the birthday party atmosphere.  Also Sid is also a contender for the nicest man in the UK/World Award.  Sid, Carmen and Tessa also of course keep us entertained on a monthly basis by organising London Skeptics in the Pub.  Andy our amazing soundman!  Who got us set up before (and during the show!) and gave me the best look ever when I asked for the fire extinguisher.

Newham books for tempting us all with shiny, shiny books.  The Skeptic Magazine for having their stall and for being a pillar in the skeptical community.  And of course the British Humanist Association our longstanding partners but also our very good friends.  Blakeley Nixon, Sara Passmore, Richy Thompson, Andrew West, Bob Churchill (though now part of the IHEU) and the force of nature that is Andrew Copson.

And of course, thanks to all those who bought tickets and came along!  Contributors, regular listeners, friends and people dragged along by friends.  It was such a brilliant night for us and we hoped you enjoyed it as much as we did.

We’ve worked with so many groups and met so many lovely people over the last three years, we could go on thanking people for several days.

I guess here’s to year four?

Podcast will be up next week, normal time.