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Episode 72 – 18th February 2011

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The King’s Speech (1:57) by George Poles
MHRA Labelling (8:43) by Crispian Jago
Rational Vegetarianism (17:01) by Jennie Rigg
Significance Testing (23:14) by Drew Rae
Boxing Mr Firth (30:44) by James Firth
Diverse & Vibrant (37:32) by Frank Key

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New: The Pod Delusion Extra feed is a bit like ITV2 for people with a triple digit IQ. Here’s where we post extra bits and pieces that we don’t have room for on the main show – extended interviews and the like, as well as completely new podcasts of special events that we’ve recorded, such as the BHA Darwin Day lecture.

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350 people overdosing on homeopathy for 1023 2011

We’re here at QEDCon in Manchester, where 350 people have just ‘overdosed’ on homeopathy to prove that there’s nothing in it, as part of the 1023 campaign. Here’s a video of the overdose event:

(We might have a higher quality one up later). We’ll also hopefully have some coverage on the regular Pod Delusion podcast (check out the latest show by the way). Also, do check out last year’s 1023 special on the event in London which made news all around the world.

“The Pod Dilution” – A 1023 Special

Last weekend was the 1023 campaign‘s big event. We were there, so present to you this special episode. Normal service will be resumed on Friday as usual.

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Key moments:
Martin Robbins (3:00)
Carmen D’Cruz (5:45)
Evan Harris MP (11:28)
Dave Gorman (yes, that Dave Gorman) (13:33)
Simon Singh (16:09)
Countdown Speeches (19:20)
The Big Overdose (28:15)

Episode 16 – 8th January 2010

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Islam4UK in Wooton Bassett (0:51) by Rob Weeks
Kepler Results (6:44) by Pete Hague
World Exclusive: DJ Grothe Interview (10:57) by Jon Treadway

  • First interview with the new President of the James Randi Educational Foundation since he started his new job
  • Find out what he thinks about Randi’s global warming views, the next TAM London, his new podcast, and the future of the Million Dollar Challenge

Research Excellence Framework (25:48) by Tom Morris
What is 1023? (37:35) by James O’Malley and Michael Marshall

Show notes: