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Voltaire Lecture 2013 with Steven Pinker on the Decline of Violence

The British Humanist Association‘s annual Voltaire Lecture, this year delivered by psychologist and public intellectual Steven Pinker. The event was chaired by the Association’s new President, Jim Al-Khalili.

You can hear additional interviews with Steven and Jim on Episode 179 of the Pod Delusion.

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Episode 179 – 22nd March 2013

A blockbuster show as we speak to Apollo 15 Astronaut Al Worden (HE WENT TO THE MOON!), along with psychologist Steven Pinker and new BHA President Jim Al-Khalili. The Chief Asteroid Miner at Planetary Resources explains… how to mine asteroids, and we also take a look at some crazy goings on both in Germany and closer to home.

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Apollo Astronaut Al Worden Interview (2:53) by Carl Hutchinson
Steven Pinker Interview (13:21) by Liz Lutgendorff
Jim Al-Khalili Interview (23:43) by James O’Malley
Asteroid Mining (28:12) by Kash Farooq (ft Chris Lewicki)
German Quackery (41:34) by Sven Rudloff
Creationists Schools in the UK (48:26) by Jonny Scaramanga

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