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Episode 196 – 19th July 2013

This week we find out if we’ll ever be able to get rid of our nuclear weapons, find out why chinese lanterns aren’t (necessarily) the worst thing in the world, and all about how golf still has a long way to go before it joins the 20th century. And much more!

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Trident Alternatives (2:08) by James O’Malley (ft Paul Ingram)
Elitist Housing (13:50) by Dawn Firth-Godbehere
Recycling Fires (20:29) by Claire Benson
NI Troubles (27:05) by Dr*T and Sean Ellis
Skepticamp London (29:55) by James O’Malley (ft Chris Higgins)
Sexism in Golf (34:42) by Sean Slater
Pod People (41:53) by Chris Chapman
SITP Roadshow (48:19) by Simon Clare
The sketch at the end is by David Lovesy & Brian Two

Follow-Up Links:

Chris Snowdon – The Spirit Level Delusion – at London SITP

Do Cubans live longer than Americans? Are Scandinavians happier than the British? Does capitalism cause mental illness? Does inequality lead to murder? Would higher taxes make us slimmer, more trusting and more charitable? Christopher Snowdon will be challenging the theory made in the best-selling book The Spirit Level that ‘more equal societies almost always do better’. By fact-checking the book’s statistics and reviewing the scientific literature, he will argue that there is no correlation between income inequality and a country’s health, happiness and well-being. The hypothesis in The Spirit Level is, he says, based on selective evidence and flawed reasoning.

Come and see our Winterval Special being recorded!

Hey everyone! Following the success of our previous live show recording, we’re going to record this year’s Pod Delusion Christmas Winterval Special in front of a live audience at Winchester Skeptics in the Pub. We need you to be that audience!


The same show you know and hopefully love – different interesting topics linked together by myself. It will possibly have a bit of a festive theme, what with it being a Christmas show. Or might not.


December 14th 2010 at 7pm (ish… make sure you’re there at 7. Not sure if we’ll kick off 7 or 7:30 yet).


The Roebuck Inn, 57 Stockbridge Road, Winchester, SO22 6RP, United Kingdom


We haven’t fully decided the line-up just yet, but it’ll be some of the Pod Delusion’s regular contributors, and maybe some other people too!


Stereotypical American Indians will be welcome at the event, as we don’t discriminate.

Tell us you’re coming so we don’t worry that no-one will turn up:

Winchester Skeptics in the Pub – Frank Swain: “A Critique of Skepticism”

Recorded on 28th October at Winchester Skeptics in the Pub, Frank Swain gets skeptical about skepticism, introduced by Crispian Jago. Thanks to James Thomas for recording this.

This was a version of a talk originally given to Westminster Skeptics in the Pub – you can hear the original here.

The blurb:

“Is the skeptic movement trapped in an echo chamber? Science writer Frank Swain asks if the behaviour of skeptics has created an exclusive club that increasingly communicates only to its own troops, and invites suggestions on how better to reach out to the public”