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Episode 122 – 10th February 2012

This week we explore UN reform with a former ambassador to the United Nations, get the latest on the Twitter Joke Trial, build a moon base and keep filibustering to pass the time.

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UN Reform (2:25) by James O’Malley (ft Sir Jeremy Greenstock)
Twitter Joke Trial Appeal (12:36) by Carl Gardner (ft David Allen Green)
Moon Bases (16:56) by Alex Fitch
Women’s History Month (25:53) by Jessica Metheringham-Owlett
Filibustering (30:41) by Craig Lucas (ft Christopher Chope)
Challenge Sally (38:40) by Tom Williamson (ft Michael Marshall)
Electric Lullaby (47:15) by Sarah Angliss

Women’s History Month:

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Episode 110 – 11th November 2011

The Daily Mail admits ‘Winterval’ is nonsense, where we’re at with reforming the libel laws and some interesting insights into talking to the dead. (Spoiler alert: you can’t do it).

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Winterval (1:45) by Dave Cross
Libel Reform Lobby (8:43) by Trish Hann
Silencing Protest (12:46) by Steven Sumpter
Necromancy (17:59) by Drew Rae
Talking to the Dead (22:21) by Sarah Angliss
Space Toys (29:27) by Liz Lutgendorff (ft Craig Leff & Kevin Fong at London Science Festival)
Guerilla Skepticism (41:21) by Kylie Sturgess (ft Susan Gerbic)
Prime Numbers (50:39) by Peter Rowlett (ft Samuel Hanson)
The sketch at the end is by David Lovesy and Brian Two

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