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Episode 222 – 31st January 2014

This week we have an exclusive interview with Rufus Hound, in which he explains his reasons for standing for the National Health Action Party in the European Elections. We also find out more about the most recent Jesus & Mo controversy, why banking computers often fail – and catch up with the Festival of the Spoken Nerd ahead of their latest nationwide tour.

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Why Rufus Hound Got Political (2:00) by James O’Malley (ft Rufus Hound!)
Mo’ Controversy (34:06) by Matt Flaherty
Banking Systems (49:00) by Morgan Phillips (ft Frances Coppola)
New FOTSN Tour (62:18) by Liz Lutgendorff (ft Helen Arney, Steve Mould & Matt Parker)
Benefit Plug (74:34) by Neil Denny

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Special Podcast – The Twitter Joke Trial Gig

A special podcast recorded at the Twitter Joke Trial Benefit Gig, raising money for Paul Chambers’ appeal to the High Court. Featuring Stephen Fry, Graham Linehan, Rufus Hound, Katy Brand, Paul’s lawyer David Allen Green and the man himself, Paul Chambers.

(The regular weekly Pod Delusion show was also released last Friday featuring, amongst others, Sam Harris – so check that out here if you missed it!)

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David Allen Green (2:23)
Paul Chambers (5:25)
Stephen Fry (8:50)
Rufus Hound (12:33)
Katy Brand (16:23)
Graham Linehan (20:29)

Apologies to Susan Calman – we recorded her but both our recordings were covered in that horrible mobile phone buzzing noise.

You can find out more about the Twitter Joke Trial, as well as donate to the Twitter Joke Trial Fund by clicking here.

Follow The Pod Delusion on Facebook or Twitter for more – or subscribe to the podcast – we’ll be covering the appeal in full when it happens.