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Episode 200 – 16th August 2013

This week we find out if atheists are smarter than religious people, how a rational Parliament might work, and why Straight Pride UK are rather silly. We also look at the sad case of Neon Roberts, FGM in the news, the portrayal of mental health in videogames, and a brand new material.

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Smart Atheists (2:11) by Tessa Kendall
Privilege & Straight Pride (8:24) by Richard Firth-Godbehere
Rational Parliament (16:26) by James O’Malley (ft Adam Smith)
Neon Roberts (30:46) by Keir Liddle
Upsalite (36:10) by Dean Burnett
FGM (45:02) by Dawn Firth-Godbehere
Mental Health & Videogames (52:38) by Chris Chapman
The sketch at the end is by David Lovesy & Brian Two

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Episode 156 – 5th October 2012

Historical precedents for Apple Maps, why Northern Ireland is so… challenging… lots of swearing and why a pineapple is the new frontier for the battle between freedom of speech and religion.

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Pineapplegate (1:02) by James O’Malley
Maps in History (4:49) by Richard Firth-Godbehere
Jeremy Hunt & Homeopathy (11:44) by Sean Ellis
Northern Ireland (17:02) by Mary
Too Much Swearing? (29:32) by Alex Fitch
Improbable Research (41:48) by Sarah Castor-Perry
Atheist Prayer Experiment (46:37) by Justin Brierly

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Episode 103 – 23rd September 2011

Were the wrong tactics used to try to save Troy Davis? Should we debate with creationists? What’s happening on Ada Lovelace Day? And much more!

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Secular Europe March (1:26) by James O’Malley (ft Keith Porteous Wood and David Pollock)
Death Penalty (11:22) by Drew Rae
Teach Kids To Code (19:33) by Salim Fadhley (ft Emma Mulqueeney)
Ada Lovelace Day (27:44) by Liz Lutgendorff (ft Suw Charman-Anderson)
Michelle Bachmann (35:57) by Adam Cuerden
Keep God Out Of Government (44:05) by James O’Malley (ft Jon Holmes)
BHA Creationism Letter (52:38) by Blakeley Nixon (ft Richy Thompson)
Debating Religion (pt 1) (58:18) by Justin Brierley
Debating Religion (pt 2) (65:40) by Richard Firth-Godbehere
The sketch at the end is by David Lovesy & Brian Two

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Unfortunately, the sources for Drew Rae’s report are all paywalled. Here are links to a few abstracts which give a flavour of the research he summarised.

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