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Do Bishops have a place in a reformed House of Lords?

Recorded on the 29th June 2011, the All Party Humanist Group held a debate in Parliament at one of their meetings over whether Church of England Bishops should retain their automatic places in the House of Lords following the proposed reforms.

The debate was chaired by Lord Warner, and arguing for the bishops was Christina Rees (a member of the General Synod, though attending in a personal capacity) and Paul Bickley (from the thinktank Theos). Arguing against the bishops was Shadow Constitutional Reform Minister Chris Bryant and BHA Chief Exec Andrew Copson.

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AHS Convention 2011 – Two Podcasts ft Johann Hari, AC Grayling and more!

Saturday 12th March was the AHS National Convention 2011. We were there recording the whole thing and so present to you two podcasts of some of the people who spoke at the convention.

Part 1 features Lord Warner, NSS Vice Pres Gerard Phillips and BHA Chief Exec Andrew Copson

Part 2 features Independent columnist Johann Hari and Philosopher AC Grayling

You can listen to them in the players above or by subscribing to the Pod Delusion Extra feed in your podcast client.

(We may also have audio from one more speaker, pending clearance of the rights to broadcast)