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Episode 105 – 7th October 2011

We speak to Sir Paul Nurse and others at the Royal Society’s One Culture event. Blakeley talks to Kim Howells about the War on Terror and we wonder if an 80mph speed limit is ethical. And more!

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Royal Society One Culture Festival by James O’Malley & Liz Lutgendorff (ft Sir Paul Nurse, Ian Stewart, Sunetra Gupta & Uta Frith)
80mph Speed Limits by Adam Jacobs
Non-Prophet Week by James O’Malley (ft Mike Paynter)
Kim Howells Interview by Blakeley Nixon
Nobel Prize Faff by James O’Malley & Liz Lutgendorff (ft Simon Frantz)
Science Is Vital’s Report by James O’Malley (ft Jenny Rohn)
Localism Bill & Referendums by Cory Hazlehurst
The sketch at the end is by David Lovesy, Brian Two and Steve Clark

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Science In The Pub (#PubSci) – 7th June 2011

Science in the Pub is a new science themed pub night hosted by Paolo Viscardi and Jenny Rohn at the Ritzy in Brixton. In this recording, the second meeting, a range of issues facing scientists are discussed – including the New College of the Humanities and the sharing of research equipment. Go on, have a listen!

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Science careers: has the science establishment let down young researchers?

A debate recorded at the Royal Institution of Great Britain featuring Dr Evan Harris, Dr Jenny Rohn, Prof Athene Donald and the Minister for Science & Universities, David Willetts.

We will have interviews with some of the participants, including David Willetts on our main programme on Friday.

Hear the debate in full below:

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Episode 56 – 22nd October 2010

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Science is Vital Wins (1:31) by Jenny Rohn
JREF’s UK Plans (4:58) by James O’Malley (ft DJ Grothe and James Randi)
The Nightingale Collaboration (14:52) by Sean Ellis (ft Alan Henness)
Geek Calendar Launch (21:07) by James O’Malley (ft Mike Harris and Gia Milinovich)
Conscientious Objection & the EU (28:07) by Liz Lutgendorff (ft Tessa Kendall)
Faking Faith (34:28) by Salim Fadhley (ft Andrew Penman)

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Episode 54 – 8th October 2010

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Science is vital (1:31) by Jenny Rohn
Copyright and mob rule (12:51) by James Firth
WTF FLQ (19:38) by Liz Lutgendorff
Measuring the immeasurable (24:02) by Drew Rae
Ad Hominems (31:00) by Jennie Rigg
Trolling Part 3 (34:14) by Salim Fadhley
George Hrab at QED (41:03) by Jon Treadway

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Episode 50 – 10th September 2010

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Old Wives Med by Andrew West (ft Dr Evan Harris!)
Science Cuts by Jenny Rohn
Hawking’s God by Matthew Green
Protest Protest The Pope by Tom Morris
Miracles by Drew Rae (read by David Couch)
Guest Edited by Liz Lutgendorff

Pod Delusion Live
14th September, 7pm, The Monarch pub, Camden (London).

Matthew Green’s references: