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Episode 118 – 13th January 2012

This week we talk to the man behind Jesus & Mo, read the Spartacus Report and get word from the key players in the so-called “Obscenity Trial”.

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Jesus, Mo and UCL (2:13) by James O’Malley (ft Dave, the guy behind Jesus & Mo!)
Spartacus Report (9:36) by Steven Sumpter
Obscenity Trial (21:10) by David Allen Green (ft Myles Jackman and Michael Peacock)
Wind Farms (24:22) by Pete Hague
The LHC is valuable (33:40) by Kash Farooq, Peter Silk & George Hrab
Death Penalty & Assisted Dying (40:44) by Sean Ellis
Christian Nightmares (47:16) by Salim Fadhley (ft Christian Nightmares guy)

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Episode 54 – 8th October 2010

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Science is vital (1:31) by Jenny Rohn
Copyright and mob rule (12:51) by James Firth
WTF FLQ (19:38) by Liz Lutgendorff
Measuring the immeasurable (24:02) by Drew Rae
Ad Hominems (31:00) by Jennie Rigg
Trolling Part 3 (34:14) by Salim Fadhley
George Hrab at QED (41:03) by Jon Treadway

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