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Episode 187 – 17th May 2013

MICHAEL GOVE SPECIAL! But don’t let that put you off. We’ve three pieces about the education secretary including an interview with the teacher Gove attacked for using Mr Men to teach history, a look at Gove’s approach to classic literature, and a piece on how he used PR surveys to justify policy. We also have some exclusive clips from an event celebrating the reform of the libel laws featuring the likes of Dara O’Briain, Nick Cohen, Brian Cox and many more.

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Mr Men History (2:36) by James O’Malley (ft Russel Tarr)
Gove and Prejudice (11:44) by Sean Ellis
Gove and One Poll (18:53) by Marsh
Libel Reform Celebration (28:01) by Liz Lutgendoff (ft Dave Gorman, Simon Singh, Chris French, Hardeep Singh, Brian Cox, Nick Cohen, Dara O’Briain and Evan Harris)
Cosmic Genome (36:48) by James O’Malley (ft Robin Ince and Trent Burton)
Humanist Weddings (45:51) by Blakeley Nixon (ft Pavan Dhaliwal)
Homosexuality and DSM (49:17) by Chris Chapman
The sketch at the end is by David Lovesy & Brian Two

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Episode 170 – 18th January 2013

Highlights from the Leveson debates, European secularist court victories, an atheist church, dodgy charity PR, and some burgers with horse in it.

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The Leveson Debate Highlights (1:24) by Liz Lutgendorff (ft Nick Cohen, Suzanne Moore, Evan Harris, Natalie Fenton and Helen Lewis)
Secularist Court Wins (11:15) by Liz Lutgendorff (ft Pavan Dhaliwal and Richy Thompson)
Sunday Assembly (26:43) by James O’Malley (ft Sanderson Jones)
Bad Charity PR (36:56) by Marsh
Django and Spaghetti Westerns (42:35) by Alex Fitch
The Death of DVD (54:17) by David Biggins
Horse Burgers (63:39) by Sean Ellis

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Episode 136 – 18th May 2012

We speak to HUGH GRANT, Tom Watson, Harriet Harman, Rich Peppiatt, Owen Jones & more at the rally for media reform, find out why the BBC isn’t biased, why Norway divorced its church and state and get the latest on Derek Acorah’s escapades.

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Media Reform (2:29) by Liz Lutgendorff & James O’Malley
(ft Hugh Grant, Tom Watson MP, Harriet Harman MP, Jacky Davis, Evan Harris, Owen Jones, Rich Peppiatt, Mary Ellen Field & Jacqui Hames)
BBC Bias? (23:02) by Cory Hazlehurst
Secular Norway (31:26) by Sean Ellis
Shareholder Revolts (38:28) by Alex Fitch
Derek Acorah (46:33) by Hayley Stevens
Word of Faith (53:20) by Jonny Scaramanga
The sketch at the end is by David Lovesy and Brian Two

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Episode 93 – 15th July 2011

We find out why abortion is brilliant, why maths isn’t immediately profitable but ultimately is, and about an intriguing new play about the dangers of alternative medicine. We also speak to author Mark Stevenson about his book. And much more!

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Pro-Choice Protest (1:49) by James O’Malley (ft Dr Evan Harris and Kate Smurthwaite)
James Webb Telescope (9:10) by Kash Farooq
Elevatorgate Response (13:48) by Natalie Dzerins (read by Charlotte Hooson-Sykes)
Maths & Progess (19:40) by Peter Rowlett
Alternative (27:01) by James O’Malley & Liz Lutgendorff (ft Trent Burton & Maria MacLachlan)
PowerPoint (37:22) by Simon Howard
An Optimist’s Tour of the Future (42:23) by Liz Lutgendorff (ft Mark Stevenson)
Sketches by David Lovesy and Brian Too

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Science careers: has the science establishment let down young researchers?

A debate recorded at the Royal Institution of Great Britain featuring Dr Evan Harris, Dr Jenny Rohn, Prof Athene Donald and the Minister for Science & Universities, David Willetts.

We will have interviews with some of the participants, including David Willetts on our main programme on Friday.

Hear the debate in full below:

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Westminster Skeptics – Mark Henderson on ‘The Geek Manifesto’

Recorded on February 7th, Times Science Editor Mark Henderson and Westminster Skeptics President Evan Harris talk about Mark’s forthcoming book ‘The Geek Manifesto’, for which he was soliciting ideas.

Sorry the sound is a bit ropey – the recording wasn’t very good, so I’ve had to wrangle it into something audible, even if it is difficult at times.

You can hear a more succinct interview with Mark on the book on Episode 71 of the Pod Delusion.

Episode 54 – 8th October 2010

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Science is vital (1:31) by Jenny Rohn
Copyright and mob rule (12:51) by James Firth
WTF FLQ (19:38) by Liz Lutgendorff
Measuring the immeasurable (24:02) by Drew Rae
Ad Hominems (31:00) by Jennie Rigg
Trolling Part 3 (34:14) by Salim Fadhley
George Hrab at QED (41:03) by Jon Treadway

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Episode 50 – 10th September 2010

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Old Wives Med by Andrew West (ft Dr Evan Harris!)
Science Cuts by Jenny Rohn
Hawking’s God by Matthew Green
Protest Protest The Pope by Tom Morris
Miracles by Drew Rae (read by David Couch)
Guest Edited by Liz Lutgendorff

Pod Delusion Live
14th September, 7pm, The Monarch pub, Camden (London).

Matthew Green’s references:

Episode 33 – 14th May 2010

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Twitter and the Election (1:38) by George Poles
What next for Evan Harris? (7:52) by James O’Malley
What next for Libel Reform? (9:37) by James O’Malley
Fair Votes Protest (12:10) by Misty
Women and the Election (16:25) by Tania Glyde
Five Live (22:56) by Simon Howard
Subsistance Farming (24:06) by Salim Fadhley

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