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Episode 46 – 13th August 2010

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Susan Greenfield by Martin Robbins
Tom Watson MP interview by Salim Fadhley
Crohn’s Disease bleach treatment by Dr*T (ft Rhys Morgan)
Antidisestablishmentarian by Sean Ellis
Edinburgh Festival Preview by Misty

Pod Delusion LIVE – 14th September 2010. More info: here.

Episode 31 – 23rd April 2010

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Political Leaflets by Alex Foster
DEAct by Sean Ellis (ft Shadow Culture Sec Jeremy Hunt!)
Nick Clegg’s Fault by Reggie
Is the Petition Dead? by Rob Weeks
Placebo Effect Response by Reggie
Clarkson’s Cock by Marsh

Why not leave your thoughts in the comments? What would you blame Clegg for?

Episode 29 – 9th April 2010

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Skeptical Voter Update by Richard Wilson
Digital Economy Bill Wash-Up by Tom Morris
Voltaire Lecture Interview ft PROF BRIAN COX by Liz Lutgendorff
Who wants to cheat at Millionaire? by Mark Thompson

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