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Episode 168 – 4th January 2012

Gia Milinovich on attitudes to women amongst geeks, anti-vaxxers and Cbeebies, how Captain Scarlet had hidden depth, LEDs are 50 years old, are Bitcoins the future and what were some of the worst ghosts last year? And more – it’s the first Pod Delusion of 2013!

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Gia Milinovich Interview (2:00) by James O’Malley
Cbeebies and Dr Ranj (12:29) by Dean Burnett
Health Inequalities and the Census (21:57) by Sean Davidson
Captain Scarlet and the Cold War (29:24) by Simon Howard
Worst Ghosts 2012 (36:52) by Hayley Stevens
Bitcoin (46:42) by Sara Passmore
LEDs at 50 (51:28) by Sean Ellis
Young Atheists Handbook to Schools (58:06) by James O’Malley (ft Ian Horsewell)
The sketch at the end is by David Lovesy & Brian Two

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Episode 3 – 2nd October 2009

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Stories covered this week:
Labour Conference (0:52) by Will Howells
PFI and Hospitals (5:34) by Simon Howard
Atheism and Class (9:49) by Tom Morris
Freeview Gambling Channels (19:07) by Duncan Stephen
Quack iPhone app reviews (27:19) by Crispian Jago