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Episode 64 – 17th December 2010 – LIVE WINTERVAL SHOW!

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Why Winterval? (1:53) by James O’Malley
Chapman Cohen (4:18) by Liz Lutgendorff
Legalise Drugs (12:23) by Clio Bellenis
Thought Field Therapy (19:58) by Kevin Friery
What’s The Point Of Wasps (30:05) by James Thomas
Quantum Santa (38:56) by Sean Ellis
Christmas Woo (46:17) by Jon Treadway
Brilliant Music (52:10) by James Taylor

DVD Extra-style Bonus Content

Liz’s Q&A:

Clio’s Q&A:

Kevin’s Q&A:

James Thomas’ Q&A:

Sean Ellis’ Q&A:

Jon’s Q&A:

Dave Hughes rounding up the year for Winchester Skeptics In The Pub: