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Episode 131 – 13th April 2012

Why at least some LibDems are opposed to the government’s snooping plans, open access science publishing, how to get around the ban on council prayers and much more!

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Government Snooping (2:20) by Dr Jenny Woods
Open Access Publishing (11:32) by Matt Kaiser
Brackley Council Prayers (20:20) by Alex Dutton
Protest Suicides (29:01) by Alex Fitch
Ban The Burka Response (35:56) by Clio Bellenis
Do Atheists Have It In For Christianity? (42:20) by Ed Bower
The Skeptic Song (50:10) by Blake Hutchings
The sketch at the end is by David Lovesy and Brian Two

Follow-Up Links

Blake Hutchings – The Skeptic Song

So last weekend was the excellent QED Conference, and the organisers were kind enough to give us a slot to record a show in front of an audience – and excellent it was too. We’ll be uploading the full podcast shortly, but I couldn’t resist posting this video early – of Blake Hutchings performing a new song for us at the end of the show. It’s called The Skeptic Song, and as far as I’m concerned it’s essentially our skeptic anthem. You have to watch this:

The Pod Delusion Live in Leicester!

A special bonus podcast to celebrate the week of our 100th programme! Recorded live at Leicester Skeptics in the Pub on August 16th.

nb: This is on the main Pod Delusion feed, so check your podcast software to make sure you also get this week’s regularly scheduled programme… episode 100!

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The Third University by Jennifer Jones
Blasphemy Laws by Liz Lutgendorff
Curing Evangelicals by Sean Ellis
Eden Project Woo? by Pete Hague
Comics and Representation by Andy Waterfield
Teacher Training by Alex Foster
Skeptical About Marriage by Johnnie Shannon
Yahweh’s Last Stand by Blake Hutchings