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We’ve won an award!

So we’re here at the QED Con in Manchester and last night we were stunned to pick up one of the Skeptic Magazine’s Ockham awards for Best Podcast.

It goes without saying that this wouldn’t have been possible without all of our hundred or so contributors – who are all consistently amazing and brilliant. Every week I’m stunned by the quality of our contributors – who for some reason don’t mind their work being interspersed with me talking bollocks.

And thanks to everyone who nominated us – and indeed everyone who listens. It makes the gruelling Thursday night edits all worthwhile. I love you all!

…And finally here’s a video of us accepting the award:

Episode 65 – 27th December 2010 – New Years Special!

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Comedian of the Year (1:21) by Dean Burnett
Richard Sandling (7:06)
Simon Singh (10:03)
Headache of the Year (16:20) by Liz Lutgendorff
Sid Rodrigues (23:06)
Jo Neary (26:03)
Quack Fail of the Year (31:03) by Sean Ellis
Ben Goldacre (37:15)
BHA Choir (47:31)
Beard of the Year (51:18) by Jennie Rigg
Alan Moore (55:26)

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Episode 15 – 1st January 2010 – New Years Awards!

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Political Scandal of the Year by Simon Howard
Product of the Year by Salim Fadhley
Disease of the Year by Billy Abbott
Social Media Mogul of the Year by Liz Lutgendorff
Blogger of the Year by Crispian Jago
Quote of the Year by Martyn Norris
Comedian of the Year by Misty
Gaming Twat of the Year by Jim Dixon
Douchebag of the Year by Owen Duffy
Most Missed 2009 by Jon Treadway
Pod Delusion Listeners Award by James O’Malley

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