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Episode 11 – 27th November 2009

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This week:
Ariane Sherine Interview (0:57) by Dave Cole
“Don’t Label Me!” (8:35) by Misty
Climate Change E-Mails (16:50) by Martin Robbins
Male Rape is Funny, right? (21:36) by Marsh
An Open Letter to Boots (25:17) by Andy Wilson and the Merseyside Skeptics Society

Follow-ups from things mentioned in the show:

Episode 4 – 9th October 2009

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Stories covered this week:
TAM, the Amazing Meeting Round-Up (0:57) by Crispian Jago
Skeptical Stand-Up (17:02) by Misty
The Apple Store vs The Nokia Store (24:36) by Gareth Buxton
NLP and Twitter (28:46) by Billy Abbott
Videogames Censorship (34:04) by Jim Dixon