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Episode 167 – 21st December 2012 – END OF THE WORLD SPECIAL!

A Christmas special episode devoted entirely to the many things that could destroy the earth and humanity. We talk about the Mayan prophecies, the believers, the history, as well as real threats to our survival from space, from technology and from nuclear weapons. Plus we also manage to squeeze in the more localised world ending scenarios of unhealthy eating and the sequel to seminal videogame Elite.

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What The Mayans Said (2:53) by Sven Rudloff
The Prophecy and the Believers (9:26) by Salim Fadhley (ft Kevin Whitesides and Andrew Wilson)
Early Modern Millennials (23:24) by Rich Godbehere
Space Apocalypse (29:21) by Kash Farooq (ft Phil Plait!)
Points of Failure (40:37) by Drew Rae
Nuclear War (49:07) by Blakeley Nixon
Jamie Oliver Vs Ready Meals (55:10) by Simon Howard
Elite: Dangerous (61:39) by Kate Russell (ft David Braben)
Profiting From The End (73:01) by Tom Hodden
The sketch at the end is by David Lovesy & Brian Two
The amazing music is by Dr*T and Milton Mermikidies

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Episode 117 – 6th January 2012

Is legalising assisted dying a good idea? Should we use primaries to pick our political candidates? And since when was the Daily Mail judge, jury and executioner?

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Daily Mail Justice (1:58) by Martin Robbins
Hungary for Constitutional Change (7:45) by Dave Landon Cole
Open Primaries (14:08) by Cory Hazlehurst
Pro-Assisted Dying (22:16) by Jennie Kermode (performed by Melinda Burton)
Anti-Assisted Dying (33:21) by William Lee
The Cost of Physics (40:38) by Adam Jacobs
Apocalypse Soon? (50:06) by Leila Johnston
Just World (60:29) by Dean Burnett
Blogger of the Year (67:02) by David Allen Green

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