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4 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Regarding Andrew Carruth interview and his book.

    In the intro the man was talking about Jesus as if he existed. Surely Humanists should be regardign Jesus as a mythical figure?

    Liz states “placing Jesus in his historical context” and Andrew states “looking at the historical Jesus”.

    As there is absolutely no historical evidence Jesus existed, the book is just another money spinner preying on the gullible, once again.

  2. Liz,
    On the same subject that I wrote to you the last time, and was told off for not realising you were Canadian, I have an update!

    Listening again to your “Poppies” piece and hearing that your were in the Air Cadets for a number of years I have good news! After almost 6 years of hard begging I finally managed to have a Daycare and Preschool AND Air Cadets building built! I am awesome.

    It’s design is based on a historical railway roundhouse that was once in our town, Canmore, when we were used to add an engine to trains making the journey over the Rockies to Revelstoke and beyond. The building is taking shape, but the Air Cadet part is separate and will be built last. The Air Cadets web site is They’re still a few bucks short but a worthy organisation, I think you’ll agree. Love the Pod cast keep up the good work, alasdair

    PS I put some great big fake “hanger doors” to make them feel like they were in an aircraft hanger NOT an engine shed!

  3. Just had to share this howler from today’s Andrew Marr show in which David Cameron complimented Britain’s inventiveness citing great inventions such as the jet engine and DNA. Check it out on iPlayer when it gets posted.

    Finished up with a toe curling moment when Cameron goes “Disco Dad” sitting next to P J Harvey about to play from her remarkable Let England Shake

  4. I just wanted to let you know that I have recently started listening to your podcast,and I find it a refreshing oasis to the desert of rational thought that I deal with in my limited sphere here in North Texas. Not an indictment of all Texans to be sure,but an acknowledgement that we of the skeptical and rational temperament are here,and thirsting for sensible dialogue.
    P.S. I have made a donation,and I expect to make more in the future.

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