Soho Skeptics – The Fascists Strike Back

This is a recording of the October meeting of the Soho Skeptics group in London.

In the past five years, we have witnessed the rise of the far-right in Europe and beyond. The pinnacle of it all is, if you believe the telly, Greece. But is austerity and the 2008 financial crisis necessarily linked, with the rise of extremists? Hasn’t Russia for instance been dealing with this phenomenon for some time, as well as the financially booming Norway and Austria?

While the world watches Europe, hoping that an economic miracle will stop the neo-nazi threat, some rather dystopic scenarios unfurl elsewhere, and specifically, in Syria. Is the country’s suffering linked with the West’s far-right trouble? Is Al Qaeda and the Golden Dawn two sides of the same coin?
In an analysis taking from cinematic dystopias and current economic ailments, Yiannis Baboulias will show how the introduction of highly extractive financial institutions across the globe, gives birth to extreme movements, and why once a country falls, be it Syria, Somalia, or one much closer to home, it may be impossible to bring it back.

Yiannis Baboulias is a Greek journalist and writer, focussing on European politics, economics and the rise of the far-right. His work has appeared on Vice UK, New Statesman, LRB, Guardian, Open Democracy, NLP and others.He is writing his first book on the Greek crisis and the rise of the far-right, to be published by ZED in 2014.

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