Episode 192 – 21st June 2013

This week we talk DNA patents, apps that claim to cure homosexuality, and whether Man of Steel has a religious message. Plus we speak to Girl With A One Track Mind Zoe Margolis and singer/songwriter Shelley Segal.

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DNA Patents (1:39) by Julie Gould
Zoe Margolis Interview (12:24) by Liz Lutgendorff
Shelley Segal Interview (24:15) by Chris Hofstader
Friday I’m In Love (With Men) – The Gay Cure App (32:09) by Tom Morris
Lets Talk About Sacks (43:43) by Sam Burns
Man of Steel (51:07) by Alex Fitch
The sketch at the end is by David Lovesy & Brian Two

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5 thoughts on “Episode 192 – 21st June 2013

  1. Loved the Superman discussion by Alex. Since seeing the movie (and loving it) the religious iconography has been bugging me. I was wondering if it was a result of inevitable theme mirroring or intended for other reasons, and this has certainly made it clearer.

    Great podcast

  2. Great episode everyone. But I think my favourite contribution this week was Tom Morris talking about the gay cure app.

    Balancing the obvious disgust about such potentially harmful nonsense with the free speech issues is indeed complex, and kudos to Tom for acknowledging just how complex an issue that is and not trying to pretend there are any easy answers.

    Also, great to make such serious points with such good quality humour as well.

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