Episode 189 – 31st May 2013

This week we talk fanfiction, fascism and internships! And.. er… fecal transplants. Plus James does a report for the first time ever!

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Fascism and Racism, Then and Now (1:53) by Victoria Stiles
Humanist Marriage Update (8:44) by Dawn Firth-Godbehere
Internships and Slavery (12:46) by Alex Brown
Fanfiction and Kindle Worlds (22:42) by James O’Malley (ft Kate Keen & Tanya Brown)
Fecal Transplants (32:37) by Julie Gould (ft Mary Roach)
Geek Stereotypes (38:01) by Tom Hodden
Platform Hegemony (45:05) by James O’Malley
The sketch at the end is by David Lovesy & Brian Two

4 thoughts on “Episode 189 – 31st May 2013

  1. Ah, the geek stereotypes. My hubby and his friends played D&D through college and beyond (having kids cut into playing). My fundamentalist sibling sought to save us, so sent us a video tape that outlined how evil D&D was, along revelations on the demonic features of yoga.

    It didn’t work. He still played, and even though he could not spend an evening playing with friends, he introduced our children to the game. This is the result (one is ours):

    They are mostly normal young 20s. Some are college students with majors from engineering to philosophy, and others are working.

  2. Alex Brown failed to convince that internships get any where near slavery.

    Look at the JSA, ESA the WARG group this is as closer to slavery as you can get in Britain now and it will get worse.
    Loss of self-determination ,removal of benefits entitlements, many build up over a lifetime of work.
    Through NI payments.
    . Replaced with arbitrary forced and mandatory work, program that is closer to probation or community work orders for criminals that any compassionate and civilized country’s response it citizens legitimate and total uncontrollable misfortunes

    Replaced with Unlimited forced work for record profit making companies,who have still job vacancies (because they will not pay a living wage, benefits, and use “zero hour contracts” so you don,t know how much you will little you will earn week to week. )

    While the companies directing you, get huge amounts of the public funds, rightfully
    the legitimate claimants in the first place.

    Sorry Alex from down here in the disabled disadvantage and so being disenfranchised underclass,it just sounds like more middle class whining!

  3. Interesting piece about humanist marriage. It seems the opposition to this is partly based on the idea that this would “favouritise” humanism over other non religious communities. Why not just do what they do in France, remove legal recognition for ALL non-civil ceremonies. I know separation from church and state seems near impossible in the UK, but surely this is only because people never talk about it as an option. It is treated as normal in many countries throughout the world.

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