Episode 188 – 24th May 2013

This week Liz speaks to internet legend Cory Doctorow about his recent Sense About Science lecture, Cory tackles apathy (if he can be bothered), a spat in the psychiatry world, and what if historians had time machines? And more!

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Cory Doctorow Interview (1:53) by Liz Lutgendorff
Political Apathy (20:30) by Cory Hazlehurst
DSM Spat (29:34) by Max Davie
ORGcon (35:44) by Liz Lutgendorff (ft Peter Bradwell)
Historians and Time Travel (44:23) by Victoria Stiles
Nine Worlds (51:20) by James O’Malley (ft Ludi Valentine, Daniel Johnston and Erich Schultz)
The sketch at the end is by David Lovesy & Brian Two

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One thought on “Episode 188 – 24th May 2013

  1. The Political Apathy item by Cory Hazlehurst made me revisit some old thinking I had on governance. It still seems like good reasoning to me so I wonder what others here think.

    Granting authority by voting for representatives to administer a country is an inherently poor way to manage an increasingly complex civilisation. There a number of reasons for this. The disinterest of young people in voting is symptomatic of some of them, but that disinterest and those reasons are not the most important issue.

    UK society is becoming increasingly sophisticated. An important consequence is that society becomes more complex to administer. Damaging mistakes by government at handling that complexity are becoming more difficult to avoid. We typically address complexity by deferring authority to specialists or ideally experts in the matters that comprise the complexity. We should do the same with government. Neither the desire to be a representative nor the desire to vote for one is relevant to managing complex society, much less how one age group chooses to disengage.

    A beginning of one possible system that follows this reasoning is here: http://expertgovernment.org.uk/.

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