Episode 185 – 3rd May 2013

Liz speaks to the creators of a videogame that taught the pirates a lesson, James looks at North Korea and Bob explains why 84 bloggers in Bangladesh are being threatened – and much more!

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Game Dev Tycoon Piracy Ruse (1:47) by Liz Lutgendorff (ft Patrick Klug, the game’s creator!)
Should we worry about North Korea? (11:58) by James O’Malley (ft Alistair Coleman)
Bangladeshi Bloggers (19:46) by Bob Churchill
Synthetic Biology & Design Implications (26:06) by Julie Gould (ft David Benque)
Women on Banknotes (35:06) by Marianne Baker
Pythagorean Cabaret (41:59) by Dean Burnett

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6 thoughts on “Episode 185 – 3rd May 2013

  1. I was a little disappointed in the non-critical approach to the Game Dev Tycoon story. Taking Greenheart at their word that it wasn’t a marketing ploy, at the very least they’re not being honest about what their data represents when they milk the 94% figure for sympathy.
    They’ve been comparing raw download figures on a huge illegal distribution method (the largest they could find, according to their own blog), with a comparatively tiny legal distribution method. There’s no attempt to weigh the figures proportionally to their respective userbases, so all they could honestly conclude from the data is that if you give a game to a whole bunch of pirates and hardly any legitimate players, more pirates will end up playing it.

    And given the high profile releases of other independent games on pirate websites, such as ‘Hotline Miami’, I’m not entirely convinced that all this recent media attention is completely unexpected and unplanned.

    1. I get what you’re saying about the 93% and many have made the point that if we hadn’t uploaded it ourselves, we would’ve had way fewer people playing it. To that I just want to add that about half an hour later, another torrent appeared of the real game. it takes a couple of hours to reach the in-game point were you could realize that our copy was fake so this pretty much says that torrents appear extremely quickly.

      Anyway, I think the more important point is not the 93%, even though previous companies reported similar figures, but the fact that the pirats were so oblivious about the fact that they did pirate it. It never even occurred to those players that they maybe should support us.

      Anyway, it’s not a black and white issue, as I said.

  2. Oh, lovely! More feminism nonsense!

    “We believe in equality!”

    Yeah, sure, you do! Except for when it doesn’t suit the feminist. I’m an american. You know who I’ve heard of…Winston Churchhill. That chick? No. So, I thinking that Churchill accomplishments weight far heaver than hers. Let’s compare; A central figure during THE worst war in all of human history! A person who’s presence was invaluable to the world we live in today v.s….yeah…

    Oh, but, she should reamain solely on the basis that she’s a woman?! Thunderf00t, is so right about what feminism is doing to the sceptical/atheist community! And no, I’m not a man, which I’ll say before someone pull’s the “Well, obviously, that’s a man so their opinion is invalid” card. Apparently, I’m a “chill girl”. A black athiest one, at that.

    1. Welcome.
      You sound as though you’d “fit-in” exceptionally well in the ironically named “Slymepit.com”:- a forum for true international skeptics who battle the hypocrisy of so-called gender-feminism, and oppose the bullshit that masquerades as “scepticism-plus”.
      Skepticism, but with “feminism” completely exempted from robust enquiry, (by arbitrary fiat).

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