Episode 170 – 18th January 2013

Highlights from the Leveson debates, European secularist court victories, an atheist church, dodgy charity PR, and some burgers with horse in it.

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The Leveson Debate Highlights (1:24) by Liz Lutgendorff (ft Nick Cohen, Suzanne Moore, Evan Harris, Natalie Fenton and Helen Lewis)
Secularist Court Wins (11:15) by Liz Lutgendorff (ft Pavan Dhaliwal and Richy Thompson)
Sunday Assembly (26:43) by James O’Malley (ft Sanderson Jones)
Bad Charity PR (36:56) by Marsh
Django and Spaghetti Westerns (42:35) by Alex Fitch
The Death of DVD (54:17) by David Biggins
Horse Burgers (63:39) by Sean Ellis

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