Episode 165 – 7th December 2012

Is David Cameron finally right about something? Why do Bristol University Christian Union think that women should be seen and not heard? What’s the deal with the human rights act? Kate speaks to Games Workshop co-founder and fantasy gaming legend Ian Livingstone and ruminations on arthouse film following Cineworld’s takeover of PictureHouse cinemas.

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Agreeing with Cameron on Leveson (2:21) by James Firth
Bristol Christian Union Fiasco (10:58) by Jenny Bartle
Women: Seen and Not Heard? (15:49) by Nathan Rae
Human Rights Act (22:41) by Georgia Gale Grant
Ian Livingstone Interview (28:21) by Kate Russell
Geoengineering (36:40) by Drew Rae
Cineworld take PictureHouse (45:13) by Alex Fitch
Pale Blue Cafe (56:00) by Liz Lutgendorff (ft Trent Burton)
The sketch at the end is by David Lovesy and Brian Two

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One thought on “Episode 165 – 7th December 2012

  1. I think Alex Fitch might be a bit less depressed about the future of cinema if, like me, he lived within spitting distance of Bradford, international city of film, with it’s marvellous media museum containing 3 cinema screens including an imax he unaccountably forgot and one capable of cinerama. We also have a really good Cineworld which programs a nice balance of blockbuster, arthouse and bollywood.

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