Episode 164 Planning

So every week when planning the podcast I’ll send an email out to the mailing list on a Monday with some suggestions of what I’d like to see in Friday’s show. As a bit of an experiment this week I want to open it out and ask anyone if they’d like to contribute features on the following:

  • Following the UKIP/Rotherham thing it’d be interesting to see if anyone has anything interesting to say about adoption/criteria? Like, what do they look for? Are there any interesting systems they use to determine it? Any other similar test cases? Don’t want to just parrot the news but it seems like there must be a sideways angle for us here somewhere.
  • A while back I remember reading that for every centrist voter the Tories win, they lose 3 right wing voters to UKIP, or something like that (it was losing more voters for winning one on the other side of the spectrum). What does this mean for politics? Parties chase the centre but should they instead be appealing to the base? And then who represents the center? Anyone want to try doing some psephology for us?

Intrigued? Want to be on Friday’s show? Have a look at our submission guidelines and get in touch if you’d like to contribute!

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