Episode 153 – 14th September 2012

What happened when BPAS held a debate with Christian Concern? Why does Christian Wolmar want to be Mayor of London? Can celebrities be Twitter bullies? And what’s the deal with the EU’s silly cookie laws… and more!

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BPAS Free Speech Debate (3:04) by James O’Malley (ft Ann Furedi)
Ultrasound and Abortion (7:24) by Trish Hann
Vote for Christian! (15:06) by James O’Malley (ft Christian Wolmar)
Apologies (23:20) by Alex Fitch (with thanks to Ben Cusack)
Cookie Warning Protest (35:21) by Salim Fadhley
Twitter Bullies #1 (44:53) by Tom Williamson (ft Neil Kennedy)
Twitter Bullies #2 (54:02) by Mat Greenfield
Dennett on Religion (61:28) by Deborah Hyde (ft Dan Dennett!)
The sketch at the end is by David Lovesy and Brian Two

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2 thoughts on “Episode 153 – 14th September 2012

  1. Trish Hann seems to think that she can divorce right-wing religiously inspired laws in the US to require all sorts of guilt-inducing procedures and processes from their ideological grounding. Can’t be done.

    She also seems to be particularly shocked at the description of transvaginal ultrasound as “rape”. Alas, it’s not about the technique: a penis in a vagina can be a particularly pleasant thing, and a transvaginal ultrasound can be a useful and necessary medical tool. It’s when the technique is not consented to, but forced upon the woman, whether the penetration takes place with a penis or an ultrasound wand, that makes it rape.

  2. While the importance of good statistics is essential, the criticism of the Schuzi test is a bit silly. As Schuzi don’t have any statistics, just testimonials, all we can do to test is to see if there is a demonstrable effect. If Schuzi had said, “our product will give a 10% effect” they would know what sort of test would measure this, but without that, they only have the testimonials, which claim that individuals are capable of discerning the effect.
    “Some feel these effects right away, whereas most will notice effects increasing through the duration of a 30-day period, at which point 80% report positive changes.”

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