Episode 132 – 20th April 2012

Was Derek offensive? Did Breivik’s World of Warcraft account turn him evil? And can we take an evidence based approach to poverty alleviation? And Much more!

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Derek (2:48) by Steve Leedale (read by Jess Vautier)
Breivik on WoW (10:16) by Marianne Baker
Empirical Poverty Alleviation (17:14) by Mohammed Fahad (read by David Couch)
Neuroethics (26:20) by Steve Page
Carey Talking Bollocks Again (34:48) by Dean Burnett
Metal Theft (44:46) by Tom Hodden (read by Rob Hinckley)
Winchester Science Festival (53:16) by James O’Malley (ft James Thomas)

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4 thoughts on “Episode 132 – 20th April 2012

  1. Sometime the metal thieves get it wrong in other ways. Twice this week I have turned up to work to find major fibre cables have been cut, or cut and removed then found discarded a few metres away.

  2. Wow! Great show. So many wonderful pieces this week.

    But if I had to pick one to nominate as “contribution of the week”, then I think I’d go for Steve’s piece on neuroethics. Absolutely fascinating. Some really tricky ethical issues there, and chock full of grey areas. I thought Steve did a fantastic job of getting the subtlety of some of the dilemmas across.

    One thing is pretty clear to me: anyone who tells you they have easy answers to any of the questions Steve raised is bullshitting.

  3. Dean Burnett’s pieces are consistently well-written, intelligent and funny, and more subtle than he himself suggests. This is no exception – excellent stuff. Don’t know if a transcript of this piece exists?

  4. I was a little disappointed on the world of warcraft piece. It seemed poorly researched, the author said something like “Noone in the psat would have said playing Dungeon’s and Dragons would cause you to be violent” or something like that. Unless I missed some irony, which could be possible, Back in the “old days” and in the current time, there are those who condemn Dungeons and Dragons as much as online role playing games. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dungeons_%26_Dragons_controversies

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