6 thoughts on “Video from Bloomsbury Pro-Choice Protest

  1. You should be ashamed of yourself! Call yourself a journalist and only interview one side. But you did good with one thing- the lies you told! Very good.

    How do you think the ladies in the ‘clinic’ felt when they heard your obnoxious wailing, jeering and drum rolling? Comforted? Helped? Loved?


  2. Hi Mary,

    I was wondering if you could point out any inaccuracies in the video above? I’d be happy to make any corrections if we’ve made any mistakes.

    With regard to your second point – I understand that BPAS was closed on the day of the protest. Whilst I don’t think it’s terribly appropriate for anyone to protest outside of there – if 40 Days For Life are going to persist in harassing women who use BPAS’s services, I’m not sure what else we can do about it aside from provide a counter demostration – to show that there are people who support their rights.

  3. I certainly support the right for any woman to have an abortion. It is never an easy thing to abort a foetus, I know from experience. My child would have been born to a mother worn out by child-bearing and a loveless marriage, and to a man who knew full well he was not the biological father. There was not enough money for the 3 children already in existence. Humans make mistakes. Are not the pro-lifers human? Have they the right to cast stones as Jesus himself enquired? Pro- lifers should mind their own business and never ever accost woman going to clinics. Well done if you manage to stop any of that.

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