Episode 124 – 24th February 2012

This week we find out about the counter campaign to the awful Coalition For Marriage, discover how religious extremists are targeting university campuses to recruit students, find out if the government’s new alcohol advice stands up to scrutiny and reminisce about 2000AD at 25. We also come closer to answering the age-old question… are the colours we perceive the same as the colours other people do?

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Coalition for Equal Marriage (2:50) by James O’Malley (ft Conor Marron)
Extremism on Campus (11:48) by James O’Malley (ft Raheem Kassam)
Leading Faiths (25:36) by Drew Rae
Alcohol Limits (29:20) by Adam Jacobs
Bad Valentines PR (37:25) by Marsh
2000AD at 35 (43:28) by Tom Hodden
Lottolab (50:40) by James O’Malley (ft David Robertson)
The sketch at the end is by David Lovesy and Brian Two

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3 thoughts on “Episode 124 – 24th February 2012

  1. Marsh’s quote sound effect seems to be correlated with me wanting to throw my phone across the room, further research is needed

  2. The thing I object to most about the C4EM website is that the petition is only open to residents. I have friends and family there. Would love to support it.

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