Hitchmas Special – 26th December 2011

Rather than celebrate Christmas, we thought we should probably celebrate the life and work of Christopher Hitchens, who died on the 15th December. So please join us for this very Pod Delusion-type look at his life.

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Obit (0:49) by Dave Cole
Hitch and religion (8:40) by Cory Hazlehurst
Hitch the Historian (15:46) by Rich Godbehere 6:36
Post-9/11 Hitch (23:42) by Mohammed Fahad (read by Alex Foster) 5:36
Regime change? (30:03) by David Eastman 4:14
Twitter Censorship? (35:40) by Dave Cross 6:12
Tweet inserts are by Sean Ellis
Music by Milton Mermikidies

4 thoughts on “Hitchmas Special – 26th December 2011

  1. Hey guys,
    Great pod and excellent job by Alex on the Post 911 post that I wrote. I would love to contribute more

    Hope your all having a great holiday season and a happy New Year

  2. Loved the episode, guys!

    Obviously I just have to pick up on the one point; comparing male circumcision specifically to clitoridectomy (removal of the clitoris) isn’t really a proper comparison. It’s analogous to the removal of the clitoral *hood*, not the whole clitoris. But it’s not right either to say that clitoridectomy is like removal of the entire penis.

    Better to compare the whole spectra of genital mutilation of boys and girls, since there’s a massive range applied to both sexes around the world (unfortunately) – it’s just that people tend to downplay male circumcision and think of the absolute worst and most damaging forms of FGM like infibulation – which is also the rarest – but there are ‘lesser’ (but no more excusable) practices as well that are more comparable.

    Point being, comparison isn’t really the point – especially when we’re considering babies and children. It’s lifelong damage for stupid reasons and the whole thing will only be stopped if people support the rights of *children* to bodily integrity, not just girls’ (or boys’).

    And that is my 2pence. :)

  3. Excellent video and some good speakers. Are you able to post links to their respective YouTube channels if they have any?

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