Can you help our Hitchmas Special?

So we’ve had the sad news that Christopher Hitchens has died. Given that he was such and important and influential figure in our.. movement.. or whatever the hell this is, we’ve decided that if we can get enough material together next week’s programme won’t be a Christmas Winterval special, but a Hitchmas Special.

As we’re not best placed to properly reflect on Hitchens, nor did we ever get the chance to interview him (though do have a listen to the superb Little Atoms episode featuring Hitch) I want to do it a bit like how we normally do the Pod Delusion – in addition to featuring reports on Hitchens and his work, I want to spin off of topics that are related to his work and are interesting.

As he was such as important figure though I want to open this out a bit more than just our contributors, does anyone else want to contribute to such a programme? Deadlines are tight – we need to put this to bed on Wednesday 21st.

Some ideas I’d like to see include:

  • Attacking sacred cows – Hitch was famous for this, anyone have any interesting tales of other people who have gone against the grain (a la slagging off Mother Theresa), and turned out to be actually right?
  • Hitch’s contribution to skepticism as a movement – what did he bring to the table?
  • Who is the next Hitchens? Can we prematurely enoble someone as “the next Christopher Hitchens?”

…and so on. If you’ve got any other ideas for features we could have, let us know in the comments below. And if you’d like to contribute, drop me a line on

One thought on “Can you help our Hitchmas Special?

  1. Hitchens was amazing. I particularly like his defense of freedom of speech. How about a piece celebrating this?

    Perhaps you could highlight all the vile comments being made by religious-types against Hitch and remark how the mighty Hitch would defend their right to say these things. Hitch is the bigger man!

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