Episode 114 – 9th December 2011

This week we find out whether the claims about “Earth 2.0” are too good to be true, catch up with the Voyager probes, and back on earth we discuss whether sharing NHS data is wise and discover the truth about H&M’s computer generated clothes models.

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Kepler-22b (2:55) by Kash Farooq (ft Robert Simpson)
NHS Data Sharing (13:22) by David Eastman
Virtual Models at H&M (17:41) by Steven Sumpter
Voyager’s Final Frontier (22:30) by Liz Lutgendorff (ft Ed Stone)
Corporate Responsibility (33:06) by Adam Jacobs
Declining Education Standards (39:10) by Peter Rowlett
Tribal Scientist (45:11) by Kylie Sturgess (ft Michael McRae)
Humans Are Amazing (54:44) by Drew Rae
The sketch is by David Lovesy & Brian Two
The Godel Song is by Ben Jones

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5 thoughts on “Episode 114 – 9th December 2011

  1. Yes, Liz definitely wins. The interview with Ed Stone is AMAZING. Definitely listen to the full version too.

    Wait….team Pod Delusion wins :-)

    Seriously though. Every week we seem to get a really interesting person to talk about something they are passionate about. Well done everybody.

  2. I think Kash & Liz both win! Thoroughly enjoyed both interviews. Cracking stuff!

    I thought David made some great points about NHS data sharing, but was a little surprised he didn’t mention the fact that it’s already been going on for years, seemingly without anything bad happening. That seems quite a relevant fact, which has been largely missed out of all the fuss in the media.

  3. Good point Adam – it’s sort of what you’d expect isn’t it? But that should have been dug up. Thank you for kind comments otherwise.

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