I love you all – thanks for everyone’s support and help

So you may have spotted the rather urgent sounding blog post last Friday morning. I was about to start this next sentence with “without revealing too many details” – but it’s probably a bit late for that given that my first instinct was to spread the word rather than play it quietly, talking in riddles like they do on Mad Men – but our deputy editor, Liz Lutgendorff has rather unfortunately lost her job.

Don’t worry – I’m not sacking her from the Pod Delusion (that would certainly make things awkward when we’re sat watching telly together) – it was her real job. Y’know, the one that pays the bills. The blog post with her CV on was posted maybe within 20 minutes of us finding out (I was sat across from her when she received the e-mail). My interest in this, for those of you who haven’t figured this out yet, is that I live with her and she is my partner. And any emotional nonsense aside, I can’t afford the rent on our flat alone.

So anyway, the reason I’m writing this post is because it turns out that our listeners, our followers, our friends and our community are absolutely amazing. Upon the alarm being raised you lovely, lovely people starting retweeting, researching and calling in favours. And whilst Liz hasn’t found anything just yet she’s already received lots of leads to follow up – including some which seem rather promising.

So THANK YOU EVERYONE. I LOVE YOU ALL. You’ve all been amazing during this, er, time of need, if I can use such a phrase when it’s not linked to either bereavement or tragedy (either way, it’s a bit of a pisser). It really is heartwarming and humbling to see everyone helping her out – I’m not a good enough writer to accurately articulate my gratitude towards everyone.

If you’d like to help out Liz in the meantime, you can find her CV and contact details here. I can vouch for her being amazing – though if you’ve listened to the Pod Delusion you’ll already know that. Or if you’re feeling generous, why not subscribe and donate a fiver (or a tenner) a month to the Pod Delusion?

One thought on “I love you all – thanks for everyone’s support and help

  1. Sorry to hear about Liz’ job. If she comes over anything like as well in person and on paper (I haven’t looked at the CV) I imagine she’ll find something else pretty soon, but I know it’s hard right now.

    Good luck!


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