The Pod Delusion’s LIVE Second Birthday Show!

The Pod Delusion second birthday with a live recording featuring the amazing Helen Arney and many others. Recorded on September 13th in London.

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Is Science More Important Than Arts? by Jon Treadway
Cameron Therapy by Sean Ellis
Science Wooseum Update by Marianne Baker
Faulty Memories by Sophie Scott
Incest! by Jess Vautier
Riot Olympics by Salim Fadhley
Arab Spring by DLandonCole
Perception by Dr*T
Cognitive Economics by Leigh Caldwell
Amazing Music by Helen Arney

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One thought on “The Pod Delusion’s LIVE Second Birthday Show!

  1. Just finished listening to the podcast: cracking stuff! Kudos to James and the whole team for putting such a great show together. And I particularly liked the music from Helen Arney at the end: absolutely brilliant stuff!


    Maybe it’s just me, but I found her final song (about the boyfriend in a coma) way below the standard of the others, relying on some crude sexist stereotypes. To me, that song was just offensive rather than funny. Am I being oversensitive here?

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