Episode 99 – 26th August 2011

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Cosmos Remake (1:33) by Liz Lutgendorff (ft Neil Degrasse Tyson!)
Mabus (17:13) by Keir Liddle
Mental Health Checks (24:32) by Tannice Pendegrass
Arms Trade Response (32:16) by Adam Jacobs
Cycle Helmet Safety (38:53) by Drew Rae & David Couch
On Skepticism… (42:23) by Tom Williamson
How to land space ships on stuff (49:09) by Kash Farooq
Millennium Seed Bank (53:30) by Sean Ellis
Anthony Nolan Trust (59:11) by Alex Foster
The sketch at the end was by David Lovesy, Brian Two, and Steve Clark

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9 thoughts on “Episode 99 – 26th August 2011

  1. Firstly, I really liked the piece about CRB checks. I thought it was fairly presented, and clearly well researched. The key for me, as mentioned toward the end, is consistent (and fair) guidance from the Home Office on what should go on a CRB entry, and when an entry should be edited or removed.
    Secondly, regarding the Anthony Nolan Trust piece, I sent my spit to them bloody ages ago and still not heard back. I want to help!!

  2. Hi Tony – yeah, I seem to recall it took them a couple of months at least before they finally sent me their pack and a card to carry in my wallet. I hope they get back to you soon and thanks for doing it.

  3. Looking forward to seeing Neil deGrasse Tyson present the new Cosmos series, assuming it’s available on free-to-air TV when it comes to the UK. Failing that, I’ll have to get the DVD set

    I recently watched a series of twelve half-hour lectures by the man on YouTube (uploaded by steeltable218) titled “The Universe“. Well worth a look.

  4. Ah yes, the talk of Cosmos has given me good reason to look up the Symphony of science videos on You Tube. If you haven’t seen them, they are the likes of Sagan and Brian Cox being auto-tuned…

  5. Another great podcast…
    On Skepticism… by Tom Williamson was I think the biggest surprise, and I personally enjoyed it very much.. Basically, it said everything I say when explaining skepticism, but it was said in a much better way then I have put it…. I do wish I could have a transcript of it to add to my website.. 😉

  6. I’ve just listened back to this, actually, and I’d actually like to say how actually sorry I am about how many times I actually said “actually” in my piece. This is what happens when I try to work without a script. Apologies.

  7. Just wanted to mention that thanks to Alex Foster I have signed up to the Anthony Nollan register, as you asked for people to tell you via the comments.

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