Episode 98 – 19th August 2011

We speak to Craig Reucassel from The Chasers about why satirists should be allowed to use Parliamentary footage, find out about our care footprints, and find out why the arms trade is like slavery (and other cheerful stuff like that).

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Care Footprint (1:52) by Simon Howard
The Vorderman Report (9:24) by Peter Rowlett
Slaughterhouse Five Banned (16:54) by Salim Fadhley (ft Marc Leeds)
Parliamentary Censorship (25:42) by Blakeley Nixon (ft Craig Reucassel and Helen Lewis-Hasteley)
The Arms Trade & Slavery (38:41) by Henry Boddington
Geek Nation (47:42) by Liz Lutgendorff (ft Angela Saini)
Christian Skeptic (56:10) by Bethany Jenkins
Mysticism in Pregnancy (59:57) by Matt Kaiser
The sketch at the end is by David Lovesy & Brian Two

Show Notes:

8 thoughts on “Episode 98 – 19th August 2011

  1. Bethany:

    I don’t want to tell anyone what they ‘must’ believe. I think a lot of people, myself included, understand well that if you wish to make an exception from skepticism in the case of your faith, doing it with eyes open and fully aware that you cannot rationally justify it, then that’s not something we should interfere with. But it IS a puzzle – you have to admit that much.

    I think you understand skepticism, from what you were saying. But if you’d asked me yesterday then I would have said: anyone who claims to know what skepticism is but thinks that it’s fine to apply it to things you want and not to others, doesn’t REALLY understand what skepticism is. I hope the reasons that I think that are fairly obvious. And yet here you are, seeming to contradict that view – and while I don’t want to do anything (and indeed can’t do anything) to dissuade that, I have to admit that I’ve got no idea how you do it.

  2. Matt, as someone who has had a son and is in the process of having another child (due early October) I agreed with everything you said!

    Just a moment ago I had to stop myself from responding to a question about where to hire a TENS machine from (dubious evidence) as I know the ensuing argument isn’t worth it, and maybe there are placebo benefits

    (To be clear, I wasn’t going to say “don’t get one”, merely “out of interest, why do you think they work?”)

    And last weekend I had to endure my mother-in-law (there was a brief mention of her and her beliefs in episode 37) wave two dowsing rods in front of my wife’s huge belly, before declaring to anyone who would listen that it is a girl.

    She hasn’t got a good track record. She declared that my son was going to be a girl too, although that time she used her wedding ring on a piece of chain. Then again, maybe the dowsing rods are more accurate?

  3. Thank you all very much for the support. I confess that when I sent in the report I wasn’t sure at all how it would be received and was wondering whether I would be told that I was stupid, brainwashed or evil. It has been a delight to find acceptance and queries and I very much hope that I’ll be able to find more ways to get involved in events.

  4. I am among the bewildered who can’t understand how one can claim to be a skeptic and therefore critically analyse evidence yet claim to be a Christian.

    That’s actually beside the point though, because as soon as anyone says “I fully support gay relationships” I am thrown into the same sense of indignation.

    It doesn’t matter if you support us or not, it really doesn’t. We exist and don’t need your approval.

    Were I to proclaim that I believe that Bethany’s choice of life partner is okay by me and I have no problem with who she seeks to find happiness with, surely she and every other right thinking person in the world would pause and think… hang on, it’s none of your business who she chooses as a partner and the mere suggestion that you “support” her is completely offensive.

    The thing is Bethany is defending her faith against her faith. She shouldn’t have to defend herself against the worst of Christianity because if Christianity was good, they would have at least spared a moment of thought for homos like me. Instead we have to wait until we get the nod of approval from from the Bethany’s of the world (who have obviously never read the Bible, for if they had they would realise God has no time for us man-on-man types) and of course, even she believes she has to give us the nod of approval too(“I completely support gay relationships”)

    Next time someone is asking me for my opinion on YOUR relationship, I’ll make sure I answer the same, regardless of whether or not it’s appropriate. I FULLY SUPPORT STRAIGHT RELATIONSHIPS.

    It takes only the arrogance of a Christian to imagine the rest of us care what you think of us.

  5. In response to Bemmie I’d just like to explain that I only mentioned about gay relationships because one of the big criticisms that is leveled against Christians groups is that they are homophobic or at best tolerant. I’m fully aware that you do not need or seek my approval and I was not trying to assert that you did or that my opinion should have any bearing on your actions.

    Thank you for supporting my straight relationship, I’m grateful for that!

  6. The difficulty with a discussion of this kind, where one is attempting to define one’s position in relation to others; to define how one is similar to and yet different from others who might be labelled the same, is that it can only realistcially be done by stating which views you share in common with that same-labelled group and which views you differ from.

    For Bethany to clarify her position by distancing herself from a perception of homophobia attached to Christianity is entirely legitimate. How else is she to express her views except by making statements of this kind?

    There is no need to take this personally, Bemmie, since I doubt that Bethany knows you or your partner; she is not making a judgement about your life choice, and would no doubt not presume to make such a judgement if she did know you both.

    I too support gay relationships, in the same way that I support free speech, the freedom of artistic expression, civil liberties, human rights and many other things. It is the aggregate of these things, amongst many, many others that define who I am, and makes no comment whatsoever about the kind of person you are.

    Surely you don’t deny me the right to define myself, or Bethany the right to define herself.

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