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  1. Past theory was the brain could never make another neuron after birth thus Edwin Gordon’s theory about the “window of opportunity” closes after age 9 or so.

    You’re talking about a belief system when you were referring to “reasoning” right? If we can change our belief systems perhaps our subconscious minds will have a more positive effect on our lives….

    OUCH Dr Ginger… no soul? That’s obviously a controversial topic. We are still learning about our body…. are you kidding me…. WHy people can’t change their minds… Ya … ya think???? wired into our brains… by MEDIA>….. and by the universal belief systems….by educational systems…… etc etc etc…….

    They are not scientifically validated because Science ever so slowly and very conseratively opening the doors to the new paradigm ……..of instant healing… etc…. these are things “I” would like to know more about.

    You’re delightful Dr Ginger love to have a beer with you!!

  2. Brilliant overview and especially a good dig and the essential conservatism of the so called research pyramid with a post doc researcher unwilling to gamble the careers of his dozen slave TAs. (my lurid language). I have just been reading the many books of William Irwin Thompson meta coverage of the instrumentalist mentality of science. He taught humanities at MIT and left howling at the moon from there in the 60’s. In this podcast you do a brilliant job of tersely showing the parochialism of the current establishment which is more concerned with turf and tweezers than a broad overview that only someone outside the confines of the academy can see.

    Brilliant perspective, and if ever you are in Portland Oregon I would love to show you some southern hospitality and perhaps arrange a place for you to speak.

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