Episode 78 – 1st April 2011

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Gideon’s Budget (2:14) by Jon Treadway
Crossing the Italians (9:44) by Nick Boorer
The Vatican Fries Your Brain (16:10) by Tessa Kendall
Antivaxers and Paul Offit (22:18) by Dave Woodward
NHS Outcomes Framework (30:18) by Simon Howard
Dirk Gently Recommissioned (42:46) by Jon Treadway (ft Stephen Mangan and Ed Victor)
Roy Zimmerman on Ted Haggard (48:5) by Salim Fadhley
Post-credit appeal by Sean Ellis

5 thoughts on “Episode 78 – 1st April 2011

  1. Paul Offit sounds quite pleased that newspapers no longer print both sides of the vaccination issue. He clearly feels that there is no debate left to have and that even the admission of any residual controversy would feed the anti-vax lobby with damaging publicity. I have a 16-year old daughter, but if I had small children I would find this statement worrying. It would make me feel less confident in the scornful denial by the medical world that any kind of cover-up was going on. I want to see debates, debates and more debates; don’t keep information from me, Doctor!

  2. Perhaps the good Doctor has better things to do than debate morons about nonsense? – Like clipping his toenails or picking his nose? ;P

  3. Dara O’Briain puts the point across eloquently and hilariously here with the Fear of Zombies and Debating Dentistry (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YMvMb90hem8)

    Putting horseshit peddlers on equal footing with scientists only serves to alarm the scientifically illiterate portion (arguably the majority?) of the population. If these people were really concerned they’d take the time to read up on the facts and all would be well.

    The fact that an ardent proportion of these people have clearly bought into the “vaccination conspiracy” means that any follow up debate would surely be fought on idealogical grounds, not factual. Wherein every defeat is seen as further proof of a deeper conspiracy and the whole “god of the gaps” argument is rolled out to prey on peoples fears in the absence of any real evidence.

    That said. – I do like debates. Perhaps the right speakers and the right audience would help convince a couple of fence-sitters, but the idea that more debates can prevent accusations of conspiracy is I think impossible. The conspiracy is already out there, the horse has already bolted!

  4. @BenEmlyn-Jones Maybe I’ve missed the point, but I thought the whole issue was that there weren’t actually two sides to the vaccination issue in the first place? Is there ANY evidence from the anti-vaccination side of the debate?

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