Secularist of the Year 2011

A full recording of the National Secular Society’s Secularist of the Year 2011, otherwise known as the Irwin Prize. Find out who won the main prize – and who won some special volunteer awards. The ceremony was introduced by AC Grayling and contains a speech by the winner, Dutch MEP Sophie in ‘t Veld. We’ll have full interviews with both Sophie and Professor Grayling on Friday’s regular Pod Delusion programme (episode 77).

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2 thoughts on “Secularist of the Year 2011

  1. Another good listen, although some annoying buzz (mobile phones?).

    Well-deserved award for Sophie In ‘t Veld. Her talk was very interesting and informative. I particularly noted the point she made near the end, re the founding of secular democracies in the north African states after recent upheavals, and the need to do the same in our own home countries. I’m glad she’s on our side :)

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