A Tribute To Douglas Adams

A special edition of The Pod Delusion celebrating the life and work of acclaimed author Douglas Adams, in association with Save The Rhino and their annual Douglas Adams Memorial Lecture (which is held jointly with the Environmental Investigation Agency, which Adams also supported).

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This special episode is presented by Jon Treadway and features contributions from many people who knew or were influenced by Douglas Adams, including:

  • Stephen Mangan, star of the Dirk Gently TV adaption
  • Mark Carwardine, co-writer of Last Chance To See
  • Stephen Pinker, author and previous Memorial Lecture presenter
  • Dirk Maggs, producer of the Hitchhikers radio series
  • Simon Jones, who played Arthur Dent in both the TV and radio series
  • Dave Stirling, founder of Save The Rhino
  • James Thrift, Adams’ half brother
  • Ed Victor, Adams’ literary agent
  • Marcus du Sautoy, mathematician and previous Memorial Lecture presenter

If you enjoy this special or would like to do something in memory of Douglas Adams, please consider donating to Save The Rhino.

3 thoughts on “A Tribute To Douglas Adams

  1. I listened to this twice. Great way to mark the 10th anniversary.

    He was so ahead of his time and just as relevant today.

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