Episode 74 – 4th March 2011

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Barnet Bans Bloggers (1:29) by James Firth
American Liberty (8:37) by Matt Flaherty
The Authoritarians (17:10) by Salim Fadhley (ft Prof Robert Altemayer)
Why shouldn’t you ride the STS Discovery to work? (23:06) by Drew Rae
MaxBrain Advertising (29:49) by Dr*T
The Framing Effect (35:16) by Kash Farooq

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5 thoughts on “Episode 74 – 4th March 2011

  1. Fantastic show. Best yet! (Of the 20 or so I’ve heard.) Loved the look at freedoms both with the US searches and horrendous Facebook intrusion, and with transparency of UK councils. The psychological look at authoritarian and wannabe leaders/dictators is also really thought-provoking, a top class report. As are all the other reports, really enjoyed them all this week.

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