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Episode 78 – 1st April 2011

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Gideon’s Budget (2:14) by Jon Treadway
Crossing the Italians (9:44) by Nick Boorer
The Vatican Fries Your Brain (16:10) by Tessa Kendall
Antivaxers and Paul Offit (22:18) by Dave Woodward
NHS Outcomes Framework (30:18) by Simon Howard
Dirk Gently Recommissioned (42:46) by Jon Treadway (ft Stephen Mangan and Ed Victor)
Roy Zimmerman on Ted Haggard (48:5) by Salim Fadhley
Post-credit appeal by Sean Ellis

Episode 77 – 25th March 2011

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Secularist of the Year (3:42) by James O’Malley (ft Sophie in’t Veld)
Sue Cox interview (11:27) by Liz Lutgendorff
Principles of war in Libya (18:10) by Adam Jacobs
The Great Stagnation (28:06) by Jon Treadway (ft Tyler Cowen)
Technological Stagnation (38:07) by Pete Hague
Meteorites and LIFE (45:29) by Kash Farooq
Georgie Clause is coming to town (49:32) by Will Battle & James Firth (lyrics after the break)

Charity appeals at the beginning and end are by Sean Ellis & Martyn Norris.

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Secularist of the Year 2011

A full recording of the National Secular Society’s Secularist of the Year 2011, otherwise known as the Irwin Prize. Find out who won the main prize – and who won some special volunteer awards. The ceremony was introduced by AC Grayling and contains a speech by the winner, Dutch MEP Sophie in ‘t Veld. We’ll have full interviews with both Sophie and Professor Grayling on Friday’s regular Pod Delusion programme (episode 77).

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Episode 76 – 18th March 2011

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Plain Cigarette Packaging (1:56) by Simon Howard
Susan Blackmore Interview (8:08) by Jon Treadway
E-Book Bill Of Rights (16:16) by Salim Fadhley
The Guttenberg Affair (25:10) by Sven Rudloff
Brain Scanning (34:14) by Dean Burnett
The Grant Museum (41:22) by Liz Lutgendorff (ft Jack Ashby)

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Pod Delusion EXTRA:

AHS Convention 2011 – Two Podcasts ft Johann Hari, AC Grayling and more!

Saturday 12th March was the AHS National Convention 2011. We were there recording the whole thing and so present to you two podcasts of some of the people who spoke at the convention.

Part 1 features Lord Warner, NSS Vice Pres Gerard Phillips and BHA Chief Exec Andrew Copson

Part 2 features Independent columnist Johann Hari and Philosopher AC Grayling

You can listen to them in the players above or by subscribing to the Pod Delusion Extra feed in your podcast client.

(We may also have audio from one more speaker, pending clearance of the rights to broadcast)

Episode 75 – 11th March 2011

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Ex-Daily Star Rich Peppiatt Interview (1:54) by Sean Ellis
Shadow Business Secretary John Denham Interview (8:59) by James O’Malley
The New Defamation Bill (16:03) by James Thomas (ft Naomi MacAuliffe, Simon Singh and Julian Huppert MP)
The BHA Census Campaign Poster Row (22:59) by Liz Lutgendorff (ft Bob Churchill)
Green Party Science Policy (28:35) by James O’Malley (ft Jim Jepps)
Douglas Adams Memorial Lecture 2011 (36:21) by Jon Treadway (ft Prof Brian Cox and Robin Ince)

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WORLD EXCLUSIVE (Probably): Ex-Daily Star journo Rich Peppiatt speaks

We’re releasing this early as it’s too good to save! You may remember last Friday when Rich Peppiatt’s public resignation letter to the Daily Star made the headlines. He resigned citing, amongst other things, the paper’s alleged cosying up to the English Defence League as one of the the reasons.

We’ve managed to get the scoop and The Pod Delusion’s Sean Ellis spoke to him yesterday about why he decided to resign in such spectacular fashion. It’s worth noting that the Daily Star themselves refute many (if not all) of the allegations Rich makes so this should only be considered to be Rich’s account of what his time at the paper was like. You can read their full riposte at the bottom of the page on here.

Note: We’ve put this on the Pod Delusion Extra feed as a shorter version of this interview will appear in Friday’s normal Pod Delusion programme. You can find out how to subscribe to Pod Delusion Extra here.

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A Tribute To Douglas Adams

A special edition of The Pod Delusion celebrating the life and work of acclaimed author Douglas Adams, in association with Save The Rhino and their annual Douglas Adams Memorial Lecture (which is held jointly with the Environmental Investigation Agency, which Adams also supported).

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This special episode is presented by Jon Treadway and features contributions from many people who knew or were influenced by Douglas Adams, including:

  • Stephen Mangan, star of the Dirk Gently TV adaption
  • Mark Carwardine, co-writer of Last Chance To See
  • Stephen Pinker, author and previous Memorial Lecture presenter
  • Dirk Maggs, producer of the Hitchhikers radio series
  • Simon Jones, who played Arthur Dent in both the TV and radio series
  • Dave Stirling, founder of Save The Rhino
  • James Thrift, Adams’ half brother
  • Ed Victor, Adams’ literary agent
  • Marcus du Sautoy, mathematician and previous Memorial Lecture presenter

If you enjoy this special or would like to do something in memory of Douglas Adams, please consider donating to Save The Rhino.