Episode 73 – 25th February 2011

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Cameron’s Arms Dealer Holiday (1:28) by James O’Malley (ft Anne Marie O’Reilly)
Dissing Dawkins (7:39) by Drew Rae
1023 On (Medical) Trial (14:02) by Sven Rudloff
No Gays At The Inn 2: The Revenge (21:58) by Nick Boorer
Anti-Features (27:41) by Salim Fadhley (ft Benjamin Mako Hill)
Genographic Project (35:37) by Kash Farooq
Christchurch Earthquake Eyewitness (39:47) by James O’Malley & Liz Lutgendorff

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9 thoughts on “Episode 73 – 25th February 2011

  1. Re: proof of god existence. If anyone has played the game ‘Oblivion : The Elder Scrolls’, for me that is a simulation of a world were gods DO exist. I want a device to repair illness by touch, (i.e. a spell) I just go to an alter, donate some gold and I can do it. I don’t have to understand how it works, I can’t, it just works.

    Similarly I have my arm cut off, blood on my shirt and some nasty disease, I go to a template, a weird light effect flows over me I’m a hundred per cent better. That would make me reconsider at least!

  2. I’m confused, when I lived in the UK, well Scotland (most of my life to 29) it was perfectly acceptable for me to go to gay bars and night clubs! What has happened? It was also perfectly acceptable for open displays of affection including kissing and groping of the exact same level as straight couples, (not much) what has happened to the world?

    I was once asked to stop snogging a girl friend in a gay nightclub which seems a different level of stupid, she was hot though so I was nice. To the hot lesbian I mean, I reminded her that if she was expecting acceptance she had better get used to the behaviour of others, and she agreed, but this is the only experience I have had in relation to someone of a different sexual orientation objecting to open affection of the other sexual orientation. I didn’t try this in the Lee Rig but I wouldn’t do a number of things there either.

    I was chased up the road by an eager gentleman another night out at the same gay night club but this is the price of gay friends and high energy euro-beats.

    I’m also confused as to what services, without using battered women, would fall into this category? Perhaps a gay example would be more convincing, or convincing at all. Sure if you’ve got a dozen muslims attacking a gay bar in revenge but there are laws for that and for battered women’s homes too.

    I’m also confused as to what gay establishment or service provider would turn my money down? None that I’ve met, not that there’s anything wrong with that.

    Yours, confused, but not sexually, al.

  3. I am so glad Liz is okay! It sounds harrowing. My brother was stationed in Wellington not so long ago. The devastation shows what could happen to us on the North American west coast, the other side of the Pacific Ocean’s Rim of Fire (and earthquakes!).

  4. I forgot to mention how weird everything smells after, if you are near water. Because all the sediment and stuff gets mixed up, it’s really an odd smell.

  5. I have never really understood why we have had to have GLBT. As far as I am concerned, gay is gay whether you’re a man or a woman, and rather than separate the two out, efforts should have been made to educate the world that it includes both men and women (and here, I’m sure there are those who are going to want to say, “women and men”). Now, if that weren’t bad enough, the “L” now has to come first? What utter nonsense. How petty and trivial is that? The “PC” police have well and truly taken over, it seems to me but this just feeds exclusion and not inclusion.

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