350 people overdosing on homeopathy for 1023 2011

We’re here at QEDCon in Manchester, where 350 people have just ‘overdosed’ on homeopathy to prove that there’s nothing in it, as part of the 1023 campaign. Here’s a video of the overdose event:

(We might have a higher quality one up later). We’ll also hopefully have some coverage on the regular Pod Delusion podcast (check out the latest show by the way). Also, do check out last year’s 1023 special on the event in London which made news all around the world.

12 thoughts on “350 people overdosing on homeopathy for 1023 2011

  1. The first one of these events was an amusing idea. But isn’t this rather silly, now? It comes across as smug and patronising, not convincing. I think it will just antagonise people against skepticism, not win any converts – if anything it risks losing them.

    Mind you, the manufacturers of homoeopathic products probably love them – they must really boost their sales.

  2. Perhaps a better way to “overdose” on homeopathy would not be to take an entire bottle.

    Maybe take a single pill and make it “even MORE powerful” by diluting a single pill to an extra 30 times.

    Remember… in homeopathy.. less is supposed to better.

    As an aside… I am proud to report that I could not participate. Not because I’m lazy. But in my area, I couldn’t find any true homeopathic remedies. Unfortunately, that’s a mixed blessing. What we have here that is called “homeopathy”, actually has active ingredients.

  3. So, homeopathy and other alt medicine is quackery you say. What is the base ingredients for allopathic medicine; oh yes, it comes from plants, the ones drug corps trying to patent.

    Tell me, which drug company has paid you to do this, or should I ask which govt?

    Nice one getting 350 bozos who have no understanding of natural med to pop some homeo pills. next time, do us all a favour, and give them vioxx to test, which should kill em off instantly, but that would demolish your 100 yr old preppie medicine to the gutter. Yeah!

  4. Now, now Shah. There is truly no need to be so horrible, threatening and just plain rude.

    I think you are missing the point here; ie. the fact that it didn’t (or even couldn’t) kill them is entirely the point.

    Your definition of natural medication is also a little skewed to be honest. After all there is no plant matter in any homeopathic remedy once diluted that much.

    To also think that we need a government or company to tell us how to think is also not quite true either. After all we have all individually looked into the claims of alternative medicines and found them lacking any basis in scientific truth, unlike people who take the word of complimentary therapists that just want to take your hard earned cash. Where as we ask nothing of you at all.

    I wasn’t one of the 350, but only because I am a skint northerner who couldn’t make it to the mythical city of London on that date due to work. There are many of us skeptics, plenty of us who are also skeptical of drug companies, just not of science.

  5. Hey Aaron. It was in Manchester!

    I didn’t make it because I woke up in the hotel having ‘overdosed’ on a very effective drug… umm… think it was called ‘alcohol’ or something. Luckily we managed to calm the effects of the rest this weekend by #spikingwithhomeopathy!

    Agree with rest of your comments!


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