Episode 70 – 4th February 2011

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How Mesh Networks Can Stop Dictators (2:45) by Salim Fadhley
We Love Libraries (11:37) by James O’Malley (ft Reggie)
Google Vs Bing Vs Privacy (15:48) by James Firth
Librivox (23:53) by Alex Foster
Neutrino Skeptic (30:13) by Kash Farooq
Sly & Reggie ft John Farnham vs Mubarak (35:57) by Sly & Reggie & John Farnham

10 thoughts on “Episode 70 – 4th February 2011

  1. I envy Alex Foster having the kind of voice that lends itself to recording audio books. I imagine that my depressed, droning tone is about as popular with Pod Delusion listeners is about as popular as some of my opinions :)

  2. Sense of humour failure possibly, but hearing how James and Reggie characterised libraries and librarians it’s a case of ‘with friends like these…’.

  3. Thanks for mentioning the demonstration, poddelusion. Keep advocating for libraries!

    I think it would be great if poddelusion ran a more in depth spot on public libraries. I am surprised this spot didn’t feature the great benefits of public libraries — although it would be possibly be (pardon!) “preaching to the choir.”

    Baby lapsits and story times work on pre-literacy skills — developing babies’ brains so that they can better learn how to speak, read, and write. Story times, books, book clubs and children’s programs improve children’s literacy (literacy=more than just knowing how to read, but also how to understand, how to think critically, and how to express oneself). Public libraries provide internet access and access to materials for adults to continue their education or to find jobs or even to set up their own small businesses. Book groups and other activities at libraries help senior citizens keep their minds stimulated and gives them a chance to interact with each other and the rest of the community, and to share their knowledge and experience.

    These are just a few things I thought of off the top of my head. Public libraries are essential. I hope today’s Save Libraries Day makes a big impression on the people and the government.

    I wonder if it’s sometimes difficult for people in academia to realize how essential these community public libraries are because students, researchers, and teachers have such easy access to their own academic libraries (not to mention almost unlimited internet access to databases and other resources). Please don’t forget the public libraries and the dire threat they are under.

    Again, thanks for mentioning the demonstration, poddelusion. Keep advocating for libraries!

    Apologies for anyone thinking tl;dr

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