Episode 65 – 27th December 2010 – New Years Special!

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Comedian of the Year (1:21) by Dean Burnett
Richard Sandling (7:06)
Simon Singh (10:03)
Headache of the Year (16:20) by Liz Lutgendorff
Sid Rodrigues (23:06)
Jo Neary (26:03)
Quack Fail of the Year (31:03) by Sean Ellis
Ben Goldacre (37:15)
BHA Choir (47:31)
Beard of the Year (51:18) by Jennie Rigg
Alan Moore (55:26)

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One thought on “Episode 65 – 27th December 2010 – New Years Special!

  1. Excellent choice for comedian of the year. Saw Richard Herring in Christ on a Bike last week and it was absolutely hilarious, and, as usual, quite informative. His analysis of the first page of the New Testament is quite exceptional!

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